Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Edition of....

My on-going BNR! We've had 9 sales so far! It's a ton of fun :) I love the thrill I get when I see one of my friends get a sale :) Or even when someone I don't know has bought in and gotten a sale! It's fantastic!

Don't know what a BNR is? BNR stands for Buy and Replace. You check out one of the lovely shops in the treasury below, buy an item from their shop, and an item from your shop replaces them in the treasury! I keep track of who's currently in the treasury and carry it over to the next one I'm able to snag! I change the theme a little for each new edition to help increase exposure and promote YOUR shops!

I also try to promote the BNR as much as I can in the etsy forums to help increase sales :) Here's a snapshot of the current BNR - click on it to go to the treasury while it's still open!


Anonymous said...

You are a gem Ruthie!

TiLT said...

these are a great idea - and I think I am finally getting how they work...I'm a little slow on the uptake...I'll have to keep BNRs in mind next time I shop