Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pluggers United 5

Want to be part of a fantastic team that's all about supporting and promoting each other?
Come check out Pluggers United!
Here's just a few items from this fantastic team :)

Infinity Supplies

2 Joy Pewter Charm Pendants

On A Whimsey

Bleak Castles

Wind Rose Boutique

Felted Deco Flower Vase

Precious Quilts

Beaded Flowers ACEO

The Rustic Cottage

Sparkly Snow Babies


Dogonwear said...

very loveley Go Pluggers!!!!

BeadedTail said...

What a talented group!

Random Musings said...

aww thanks for featuring my supply shop! I need to add some more items to it!

On a Whimsey said...

So honoured to be amongst such a wonderfully talented group of people! Thanks so much for including OAW/PQ items!!!!!

Myfanwy said...

You choose such lovely things, my dear.

dianeclancy said...

This is a wonderful collection of great items!!

Thanks for sharing them!

~ Diane Clancy

agoodwitchtoo said...

Lovely! Woot for the Pluggers!

How about a mini treasure hunt? I've left you a gift on my blog... Just see if you can find it!