Thursday, February 4, 2010

Featuring NoraKaren

I've always admired people who can draw and paint. Why? Because my own ability falls FAR short of theirs! Oh sure I can make a tree that's recognizable as a tree, and house that looks like a house, but if you want to get beyond 3rd grade I'm lost. I'm creative and artistic in all sorts of ways, just not those!

This artist is a team mate of mine and she amazes me not only for her talent at painting, but also because of the mediums she chooses to paint in. She paints on SHOES! I could never wear these shoes. There are many reasons for that:

1. High heels and I are a recipe for a sprained ankle.
2. Shoes do NOT stay looking nice on my feet for any length of time.
3. Nothing to wear them with. Seriously. I don't even own a pair of slacks.
4. I'm broke :P

If I had money though (and a bigger place to live) I could picture myself buying some of her shoes just to display!

Of course, as you'll see below, she does some other fantastic painting on other mediums. Check out her shop!

4 comments: said...

Great feature! I own a great Owl Tote from Nora and a beautiful peacock tunic. She is so talented. Here shoes are stunning!

Kari said...

I love shoes! My husband says I have way to many...but really is there such a thing? Ok, 200+ might be alot but I could so own a pair or several of these shoes. My husband will be so glad I saw this post!

Nora said...

Thanks Ruthie!!
What a surprise!!
I love the feature and the nice comments about my are very kind.

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