Friday, January 8, 2010

My On-going BNR is up Again!!!

A few months ago I started an on-going BNR, and then I was forced to take a break as things got just plan to insane in my life! But I'm back baby and as excited as ever!

So what exactly IS an on-going BNR? BNR stands for Buy and Replace. The way it works is I have 12 different shops featured. YOU get to go shopping in their shops and buy any one item out of their shops! You come back and tell me which shop and the transaction number, and then I add YOU into the BNR! You will continue to be in any BNR treasuries I snag until YOU get your own sale! Pretty awesome eh?

I just snagged this treasury this morning and we've already had two sales! It's up until Monday at 3:28am - so come check it out and see if there is something that catches your eye!

Btw - this picture was taken after the two new shops were added in :)

1 comment:

Cindy Caraway said...

This is a great collection! Love the color flow :)