Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featuring Vitrine

I first saw Vitrine's shop because she was very sweet and featured me in a treasury. I always love looking at fellow jewelry artists, so I thought I'd feature her! One thing I always love to learn about people is why they have the shop names they have, and this is what it says in the opening section of her shop:

vi·trine /vɪˈtrin/
a glass cabinet or show case, esp. for displaying art objects.

I love all the natural elements that she uses - look at that thunder egg!


Vitrine said...

Thank you so much for featuring some of my favorite items in my shop! Best of luck :) Vitrine

AngelqueCreations said...

Thanks for the good read and featuring Vitrine's shop. Love her work and yours.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

What pretty items! Thanks for the introduction :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Beautiful the ring!